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Big Data Bowl

The Big Data Bowl 2022 is a competition on Kaggle, a website centered around data science and machine learning, two ideas that interest me greatly. The purpose of the competition is to create a new stat, metric, or insight to evaluate special teams and to allow NFL and college coaches to improve decision-making. Through the use of a data framework, Pandas, and a coding language, Python I will manipulate and analyze patterns in the data to accomplish this goal.

The prize for the competition is $15,000 for the top 5 winners, and first place presents their idea to the NFL and possibly has their stat/metric shown on national television during a live broadcast. While the submission is due in January I will continue to improve my research after the competition is over.

This project will allow me to learn vital and valuable skills in today’s job market such as coding, data analysis, and machine learning. Additionally, it will challenge me to improve my problem-solving skills, while also looking at them through the lens of an interest I have.

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