Blake Almon


Hi, my name is Blake Almon. I am a rising Sophomore at SHC for the class of 2026.

Here is my GitHub to see a couple of my projects:


I have many interests and enjoyments. A couple things I enjoy are Coding, Golf, and Finance. At a young age I was intrigued by computers and their uses. Throughout my life I have enjoyed use computers to code and achieve a goal. I code mostly in JAVA. In 8th grade I coded a program that would take a picture to then get the color code of every pixel. Once getting the color code of every pixel the program would split the image in half to get 2 numbers of the combined color codes in either section. Which ever added up color code was greater, the program would access a broker API which then trade either Stock A or B (Preset stocks).  Overall, I am very excited to continue on with i2 and I have many ideas for the upcoming years.

In 9th grade for my i2 project I created a prototype for a Pseudo PayPal Forex Broker. The goal of this project was to allow people in other countries have a fast and easy way with minimal fees to transfer money to each other. I built this project in Java and you can find the prototype in my GitHub. The reason I chose this project was because I have had an ongoing interest in Fintech.


2023-2024 i2 Project Ideas

Project Ideas – Blake Almon For the sophomore year the project idea for i2 which I lean towards the most this year is fully automated youtube channel that is controlled by a trained machine learning algorithm. I hope to allow the algorithm full access of tools, information, and the youtube channel itself to see what […] Read more

Car Claim Pro [Summer 2023]

Finished an AI Prediction Model that predicts car claims. This project was something I worked on over the summer as a beginning point to work toward a different project with the skills gained. Car Claim Pro can be found on my GitHub. If you would like to try it out and access our website you […] Read more

i2 Projects

Defi Forex Broker

A pseudo PayPal for forex currencies.

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