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Pest-Away! Project Proposal


To come up with a project topic, I began by thinking about problems connected to climate change that I was interested in. Because I have always wanted to grow plants, I immediately found the topic of chemical pesticides a very fascinating issue. From there, after much thought, I decided to make my own organic pesticides. I researched ingredients used to keep pests away and settled for combining these different ingredients in mixtures and testing them on strawberry plants to see which amalgamation would do the job best. After buying all of the materials needed to conduct the experiment, I began the procedure, which would take place for 21 days. I sprayed all of the plants with the pesticide mixtures and decided to spray them every other week. Every few days, I would water them to keep them alive. Eventually, the 21 days were over, so I started to compare them and prepare my results. The plants sprayed with the combination of dish soap and garlic had the least amount of red leaves and holes, proving that it was the best mixture. On the other hand, the plants that looked the worst were the ones with nothing sprayed on them.

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