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This year the project is based around the main fact that tons of sophomores, juniors, and seniors learn how to drive and get their very first car during the school year. Most of the time, this ends up being a used car, due to a multitude of factors like insurance, performance, and likelihood of damaging the car. However, this extremely impactful choice on people’s lives is not always an easy one, with a wide array of options and a requriement for lots of knowledge that not everyone has. Thus, as a sophomore myself looking to get a used car, I thought that taking data on the sales of previous used cars and it to predict the price of used cars for people would make for an easier time. Not only this, but I wanted the project to also give an overall better general understanding of the market, which is why I also decided to include many graphs of the data to show correlation between factors of cars like odometer and price, along with the ability for user to create custom graphs based off of custom input, for them to further explore and play around. The overall goal was to create a sandbox learning environment for people to become accustomed to what to look for in used cars and for students to get a better grasp on how all these factors relate to one another.

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