Cody Luu


Currently, I’m in my first year at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I excitedly joined the i2 Program since I saw it as a great way to creatively share my passion and ideas with like-minded people in a nurturing environment that would help support me as I worked towards my goals. Personally, I like to spend my free time playing guitar, gaming with my friends, playing club basketball, trying new foods, and especially coding. I have a strong love for coding because it serves as a portal for me to express myself in a similar way that another person might love sketching or painting. The only difference is coding takes more problem-solving and thinking rather than artistic creativity and can be used as a practical way to make people’s lives easier. It’s an incredible tool that allows a wide variety of problems to be solved with an extraordinary level of personality and specificity based on whatever your heart desires. I hope to find more people with a similar interest in coding and work with them to further expand what can be accomplished for others who may not have readily available resources for their own problems.


My 2023-2024 Project

Paragraph Hey SHC, this year the current plan is to come up with a compilation of AI generated murals for every day that I can show off at the end of the school year. Basically, how it’s going to work is I’ll take the Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, TikTok, etc. APIS and use them to draw […] Read more

i2 Projects


ASLearner is an interactive program that tracks a user’s hand movements in ASL and translates it to the English alphabet. It is an idea that we had in order to bring more awareness and help people learn ASL more accurately and in a more interactive way.

Project details


Gearbox is an interactive sandbox learning application that allows students to play around with graphs and predictions to learn about the correlation between aspects of the used car market.

Project details