Cosimo Noravian


I’m an Inquiry and Innovation (i2) student in Sacred Heart Cathedral’s class of 2023.

Participating in the i2 program is an opportunity for me to be creative and explore subjects I find interesting. I have spent three years working on my project: Scéal, a digital magazine for teens focused on building empathy through storytelling. 

AP Human Geography is one of the most exciting classes I have taken at SHC. It incorporates economics, politics, sustainability, and globalization; It showed me how such factors impact individual outcomes in life. The summer of my sophomore year, I had an opportunity to (virtually) attend Bocconi University in Milan, Italy to participate in labs on Economics and Game Theory. This experience helped me understand how human behavior influences decision making.  

At SHC, I participate in the Student Launch Initiative and compete on the Speech team. When I have free time, I enjoy listening to and playing music; I am a drummer. I enjoy photography and exploring San Francisco on my skateboard. 

As a dual citizen of both the United States and Ireland, it is my goal to live and work abroad in the future.  


MIDI Fractals

MIDI Fractals is my 11th Grade i2 Project Proposal is a digital program that randomly generates multi-instrumental pieces based on mathematical algorithms such as fractals. Essentially, it will allow the user to select what instruments they would like to play, then choose which fractal or other mathematical algorithm they would like to use, then generate […] Read more

i2 Projects

The Memory Palace (TedX)

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