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Hi, my name is Deron Lew. I am excited to be a part of i2 this year. In this i2 school community, I plan to create and showcase solutions on topics I feel passionately about.  At school, I enjoy my science and math classes the most.  Both subjects allow me to use my inquisitive personality and problem-solving skills to understand and make sense of the world around us.  

Besides i2, I am a member of the SHC Band and was the Producer of the 2023 Fall Play Frankenstein (Tech Crew). As a student leader in SHC Buddies, I support 2027 students in navigating through their first year at SHC.  The student moderator role in the Sports Medicine Club allows me to be a supporting aid to the athletic department. Outside of school, some of my hobbies are playing and watching sports, hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family, and traveling to different places in the world.

This year, my i2 project combines my love for sports and music. I am building a website that contains an audio simulator targeting high school athletes recovering from an injury.  This website will use the transformative power of music and other suggested exercises to help injured athletes recover and heal faster. This project was inspired from my personal injury two years ago, and the need to heal physically and mentally. 


ASMusic | 2023-2024 i2 Project Blog

I joined the i2 program this year (2024) and met a community of creative thinkers, that soon became my i2 peers. Outside of having some common classes with them, we are part of a program that allows us to build, develop, and create our ideas that get showcased at the end of the year.  Each […] Read more

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Healing Physical and Mental Wounds

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