Derron Gibson


Hi, my name is Derron and I’m currently a sophomore here at SHC. Some of my favorite interests include photography, writing, reading, and learning new subjects. I tend to be drawn to all types of subjects. I mainly want to focus on STEM when I go to college but I’m also interested in English and language classes. Throughout middle school, I spent most of my time creative writing.

Outside of school, I’ve participated in a myriad of extracurricular activities. I’ve been in the Breakthrough program for the past six years helping me prepare to choose a major and suggesting colleges that would be a good fit for me. I ran track and field and cross country for three years which was very fun and freeing. I was co-leader of my school’s choir and participated in the Choral Festival. I’ve altar served for more than seven years and was offered to altar serve for the Arch Bishop. I plan to continue in Saint Mary’s Cathedral. I was head of Religious Affairs in the student council which allowed me to be involved in the process of school prayer services like the Stations of the Cross. I received the Christian Doctrine award at the end of the year because of this, which was in large part why I want to continue to practice my faith outside of school. I also received the Presidential award which helped cap off my middle school experience on a good note going into high school not knowing what would happen.

Here at SHC, I’ve tried to go out of my comfort zone and research new subjects that interest me. Clubs I’ve joined have included Comic Club, Finance Club, and CSF. Next year I plan to adopt a leadership position in Comic Club and publish a comic for SHC and neighboring catholic schools. Next year I plan to become a math or English tutor and teach an elective class. I’m also almost in completion of a quantum computing course that teaches me the nature of subatomic particles, qubits, and the applications of quantum mechanics and quantum ethics in our society. Going into the future, I plan to take internships in local colleges and work with STEM professionals to prepare for a career in the sciences in the near future.

i2 Project

The Opportunity Hub

My goal with The Opportunity Hub is for students to have a place to be able to find resources concerning things that will need to expand their experience in high school. Anything from general resources, scholarships, volunteering, and internships. The website will provide a subscription service so students can be notified of any new opportunities that they may be interested in. In addition, the website will host a forum for students to communicate with each other and share common interests concerning the pursuit of education and building student's quest for knowledge in opportunities in their favorite subjects.

Project details