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Impactful, Non-Profit Data Analysis

Since 2019 I have been apart of the community of San Francisco Night Ministry. SF Night Ministry is a non-denominational, non-profit organization providing outreach and spiritual care to the homeless and food insecure of the bay area. The Night Ministry is made up of a few different programs, including a Crisis Care Line and Open Cathedral, which I have been focusing on. Open Cathedral is an outdoor church service, located at the 16th St. Bart station. After the service, we provide a meal.

My project started out as a wish to help Night Minister Rev. Monique Ortiz, who was carrying a lot on her plate. After talking with Rev. Monique and other Night Ministry leaders, it was concluded that what they needed most was to start collecting feedback from the service recipients. Up until now, there had not been any official commentary or documentation of what the people thought…

In the past couple of months I have been attending Open Cathedral to share my project and oversee the process of collecting data. I also worked with my uncle to create code that automated the sending-out of the form to care line recipients. Unfortunately, the solution I created did not work with the privacy policies of Night Ministry. I currently have a plan to research other alternatives, and find a new way to implement coding for an efficient solution for the Care Line. As I continue to collect data from Open Cathedral, I will be simultaneously analyzing the comments and suggestions received, with the ending goal of reporting back to Night Ministers and improving the services and community.

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