Ethan Wu


Welcome to my i2 page! I am Ethan Wu, a junior at SHC.

I am passionate about math and technology. Specifically, I like working with statistics and graphs. I also like coding and computer sciences. Furthermore, I enjoy making and playing music. I am in the school band, and am organizing an unofficial senior band next year with some of my friends. I also have a YouTube channel where I produce EDM music. (My Youtube Channel)

Other things I do outside of school include drawing digital art, playing Minecraft, and binge-watching YouTube.

This year, my i2 project is a board game called “The Game of Real Life”. It is designed to teach students how to manage finances and become rich in the future. Unfortunately, schools do not spend much time teaching about finances and the economy, so I hope this project will help with this!


My 2021-22 Project

So far my junior year project is coming along steadily. I have been doing some research on what makes people rich. I plan to integrate this into my game. I have also further improved upon my board game by adding a “happiness” score. This score will make sure that people spend money on frivolous products, […] Read more

i2 Projects

The Game of Real Life

The Game of Real Life is a realistic board game designed to teach students how to manage finances and become rich!

Project details