Faith Pan


Hello! My name is Faith Pan, and I am currently a Junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. Within SHC, I participate in a number of clubs, including Mandarin Club, Sports Medicine, TEDx, Badminton, Student Launch Initiative, Debate, and the Asian American Student Union. Throughout these years, I have successfully discovered a calling for being curious, learning, and leading as a result of trying on different “hats”. Currently, I hold leadership positions in Badminton Club, AASU, and SLI.

Growing up, science, has been an striving passion for me. Since I was a child, I just knew that I wanted follow my parents’ footsteps and be involved with the medical field. They would also often share interesting stories and knowledge with us (my brothers and I) about their experiences, which ultimately strengthened my interest in medicine. I am extremely grateful to my parents and love them dearly.

Outside of school, I also have many other interests and passions. Being not as athletic, I engage myself in golf, badminton, and skiing. For the arts, I believe that it is not only an elective or hobby to enjoy, but also a skill that takes hard work, dedication, commitment to master. Having studied at Artworks for 6 years now, I have learned a lot about the visual arts. I have played the piano for around 2 years and just got my abrsm Grade 5 certification! Some of my other interests include practicing calligraphy, researching, and reading. (I also just spend a lot of my free time with my little brothers and family.)

I hope to make the most of my four years here at SHC as a member of the i2 program through being curious and discovering new interests to better help the world! 


i2 Project Update 2022: Bacteria Cafeteria

Ou project is named Bacteria Cafeteria and this is a project focused on testing the amount of bacteria that accumulates on different types of masks over different periods of time. So far, Izzy and I have successfully finished transferring the bacteria¬† and completing the experiment for 7 out of 9 masks. We still have the […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

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i2 Projects

Bacteria Cafeteria

Bacteria Cafeteria is a project focused on testing how much bacteria accumulates on different types of masks over different periods of time. Through these experiments, we will be able to decipher the most suitable material and time to clean or dispose of your mask.

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Project details

Cultivating Your Friendship With Stress

Cultivating Your Friendship With Stress

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