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Frettie, the Self-Playing Guitar Machine

As a musician I have always been irritated by the extent of my kinesthetic abilities. I play the piano, guitar, bass, and more, however I can only play to the best of my ability. The human limit irritates many musicians when they try to play, or compose. Usually, in my case, I would try to use guitar plugins and record notes on my computer instead of playing them, so as to make it easier. However, it doesn’t sound satisfactory for my ears. Using guitar plugins and other instrument plugins can seem like a last effort when attempting to compose music, or utilize as a backing band when you cannot afford one, or do not have the resources to do so. Using this self-playing guitar, I want to create a way to play and record guitar melodies without using downloaded or bought plugins, or playing them myself, pushing past the human limit. Using all of these influences, I have made Frettie, a self-playing guitar machine that uses an Arduino to control servo and stepper motors for fingerpicking and fretting, respectively. An application with a guitar tablature database can be use to make Frettie play songs. This allows for many different possibilities for people with disabilities, aspiring musicians, and business owners who need background music.

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