About The Project

Guiding the Unhoused

Living in San Francisco and having school in the Tenderloin, we have both seen the magnitude of the problem of the unhoused. Our original idea was to create a website, specifically with a map of San Francisco and its shelters. Since we first started, we have come to the realization that the problem of homelessness is much larger than just being unhoused. Through volunteering at GLIDE Memorial Church, we were able to connect with the unhoused and learn more about what we should direct our website to. It was an enlightening experience to be handing out food to them, and every receiver was so nice and thankful.

We also had a Zoom interview with the CEO of GLIDE Memorial Chuch, in which we asked multiple informational questions and got intriguing answers. Given he works with the unhoused community regularly, we decided he would be another good option to talk to. This interview helped us decide exactly what to include on our website. Following the interview we made a plan on what specific organizations and types of locations would be most beneficial to the unhoused community.

Our final website shows a map of San Francisco, spotlighting specific locations with access to shelter, food, healthcare, drug rehabilitation, laundry services, and much more.

Project Infographics