Hayden Xie


Hello! My name is Hayden and I am currently a freshman at SHC. I’ve been having a fantastic time as a ninth grader so far. I am involved in Speech and Debate, Robotics, the Student Launch Initiative as far as clubs go. I have not been to SLI yet because there haven’t been any meetings but I am super excited about the others because they all relate back to my interests! Athletics wise, I am looking forward to trying out for basketball and tennis. Outside of school, I play piano and take art classes every week. I’ve been playing piano since second grade and continued ever since because it was challenging and tested my musical abilities. I have also been drawing since I was very little and currently, I love doing oil paintings. Math has always encouraged me to think and look for solutions, which is one of the reasons why it is my favorite subject. The subject as a whole in my opinion is far more interesting than other subjects because of the way it can make you think. 

I don’t think this will still be two paragraphs if I talk about all my hobbies but one of my oldest hobbies is fish keeping. It all started when my dad bought a pair of goldfish when I was five and I have been fascinated ever since. But it was only a few months ago that I started researching and digging into different species of aquarium fish. I see this interest as an absolute win because I get to learn how to properly care for living things and help them thrive. At times, I am grateful that I was led onto this amazing journey and able to now take care of my four tanks, keeping fishes from bettas to goldfishes. I now look towards the future and where this hobby will take me. Of course I eventually want to own a saltwater aquarium with a bunch of coral reefs and possibly a pair of clownfish, but I think I’ll stick to freshwater for now. 

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