About The Project


Ever since seeing Star Wars on the big screen, we have been inspired by the cute and smart R2-D2 along with the other droids. Initially, we wanted to reproduce this droid but thinking further, we have decided to begin with a prototype. For the 24′ i2 project, a remote-controlled prototype of our assistant droid will be the outcome of our hard work. Specifically, the prototype will use Lego Function motors and gears to help demonstrate its capabilities of tasks and duties.

We created Adeptic because our dream was to always witness a self-functional droid roam around. By producing a working model alike a science fictional droid, we hope to inspire creativity and engineering in open-minded students. To see a droid from “a galaxy far far away” is motivating for young students and gathers interest at such an age. With perseverance and determination, we look forward to continuing our project in the future.

Project Infographics