Isaac Wang


Hi! My name is Isaac, and I am currently a freshman at SHC, after graduating from Zion Lutheran as a member of the class of 2021. My hobbies are swimming, reading, playing piano, and watching YouTube/anime. Math is my most enjoyed subject at school, and because of that love I was a part of a MATHCOUNTS, a nationwide program for middle schoolers who enjoy arithmetic in the past. Every year MATHCOUNTS holds a competition, and all the middle schools involved meet up at Lawton Middle School. In 7th grade, I scored among the top 16 in the city (I don’t know the exact placing in that 16), and would have probably gone to score even higher in eighth grade if it weren’t for coronavirus. In sixth grade, my friend and I were partnered up for NHD (National History Day), and made it to the state competition, which took place in Sacramento. Starting in elementary school, I also picked up a love for performing primarily in musicals, at my school, and played parts in two school musicals. Unfortunately halfway through seventh grade, the pandemic began and my third year was cut short, and the fourth following that. So, I am looking forward to possibly regaining that momentum in performing starting next year by being a part of the fall play and spring musical.

Outside of my academics, I am involved in multiple things. Right now I am a part of Tech Crew, the Mandarin Club, and the swim team, which I am really excited about. During quarantine I was not able to swim, so I am utterly stoked to be able to get a chance to do it every day. My main strokes are freestyle and backstroke; I despise butterfly with a passion. Tech Crew runs all the shows and does all the behind-the-scenes stuff for all the performances, and I think that that is pretty cool. So far my only show (as I mentioned previously) that I have worked on is Matilda. Sometimes it gets really boring up there in the booth, but overall I think that working a show is a really good experience; you also get to watch the show multiple times.

Outside of school I like to play piano on my own, as I quit taking lessons a few years ago after six years. I work on songs by myself that I choose, and I think I am making a lot of progress in terms of skill and being able to play more complicated songs. Right now I am currently learning Katawaredoki by RADWIMPS, and I am almost finished with it. Sometimes I like to volunteer at an organization called Mobilize Love to serve meals to disadvantaged communities in the bay area.

This year my i2 passion project is all about researching mRNA vaccines, as well as vaccines overall. I hope to cover the history/important achievements of vaccines, how they work/what it is, how they are made/the ingredients in it, the difference between standard and mRNA vaccines, and their importance in our world today.


The i2 Journey Begins

I found out about the i2 program while working on my application to SHC, as well as in some conversations between my family members about it once in a while. I’m really looking forward to the trips during the summer, because I’ve heard about them before, and it seems really fun to go with a […] Read more


Eradicator of Maladies

This i2 project will focus on how vaccines came to be, work, and are made. It will also go over mRNA vaccines, the differences between it and traditional immunizers, and how it enabled the COVID-19 vaccine to be developed in an astonishing 11 months, obliterating any previous record.

Project details