Isaac Wang


Hi! My name is Isaac, and I am currently a Jinopr at SHC. My hobbies are swimming, reading, playing piano, working out, and watching YouTube. This year, I have some pretty hard classes like AP Computer Science A, AP US History, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP English Language and Composition, and Honors Biology. My favorite subject right now is probably APUSH, because my teacher makes the material super engaging and intuitive.

Outside of my academics, I am involved in multiple things. Right now I am a part of the Drama Club, Badminton Club, Finance Club, the Oracle, andthe swim team. My main events are freestyle and IM order (individual medley).

Outside of school I like to play piano on my own, as I quit taking lessons a few years ago after six years. I work on songs by myself that I choose, and I think I am making a lot of progress in terms of skill and being able to play more complicated songs. Right now I am currently learning Hikaru Nara by Goose House, which has one of the best melodies I have ever heard.


The i2 Journey Begins

I found out about the i2 program while working on my application to SHC, as well as in some conversations between my family members about it once in a while. I’m really looking forward to the trips during the summer, because I’ve heard about them before, and it seems really fun to go with a […] Read more


Eradicator of Maladies

This i2 project focuses on how vaccines came to be, work, and are made. It will also go over mRNA vaccines, the differences between it and traditional immunizers, and how it enabled the COVID-19 vaccine to be developed in an astonishing 11 months, obliterating any previous record.

Project details

Hold Onto Your Butt!

This i2 project works with the Surfrider Organization to install 40+ cigarette buttcans in the Van Ness and Haight-Ashbury areas, providing people there with a proper place to dispose of and collect cigarette butts.

Project details