Izzy Abbott


My name is Isabella Abbott and I am a student at Sacred Heart Cathedral, located in San Francisco. My favorite subjects include math, science, and history, as I find that these subjects to be very interesting, as well as how they play an important part in shaping our future, solving problems, and saving our planet. These subjects along with my love for the outdoors have driven me to take action to help our plant reach a more sustainable future.

At SHC, along with being in the i2 program, I play soccer and do swimming, as well as being part of the TEDx Youth, Oracle, and a microfinancing club called Kiva. This year I joined many new clubs including outdoor adventure,  and Lassalian Vincentian(a serviced-based club) after missing out on many club experiences due to Covid. Outside of school, I enjoy playing club soccer, swimming, and doing art. I am part of the San Francisco Seals Soccer Club, a non-profit soccer organization, where I have been playing since third grade. When I am not playing soccer swimming, or doing art, I love riding my bike around the Bay Area and learning new skills, such as how to juggle, surf, and how solve a Rubik’s cube.

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