Jaden Yoon
About The Project

Shoota AI

Shoota AI is an innovative soccer analytics system that enhances the way we understand and analyze soccer matches. By harnessing the power of advanced computer vision technologies, including YOLO object detection and the DeepSort tracking algorithm, the system can accurately track the movement of the ball and every player on the field. It intelligently distinguishes between different teams based on the colors of their jerseys, calculates which team is in possession of the ball, and even counts the number of passes between players. Visual analytics are beautifully overlaid directly onto the video feed, offering an immersive and insightful view of the game’s dynamics. From tracking players’ positions to visualizing team possession statistics with dynamic bars and stylized banners, this project brings a new depth to soccer analytics, making it an invaluable tool for coaches, analysts, and fans alike who want to dive deeper into the beautiful game’s complexities.

Shoota AI aims to help soccer players improve their skills and knowledge through real-game analysis. Since it is driven by machine learning, the only preparation you need is a video of a soccer game. In addition, Shoota AI will cost its users nothing, making this technology available to everyone. Shoota AI will be fast, easy, and relevant. It’s time to level the playing field of professional soccer.

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