Jaden Yoon
About The Project

Shoota AI

This project will use machine learning to analyze soccer games and provide relevant statistics to be used by coaches and players. One of the biggest tools that pro and amateur soccer players use is video film. With video film, players can replay their best moments and learn from their worst, enhancing their in-game intelligence in a fun and easy way. Unfortunately, many soccer players and coaches don’t have access to software that can provide any statistics, making it hard to quantify games. With Shoota AI, players can see their stats such as shooting and passing, while coaches can see team stats such as formations or location of the ball. Players and coaches will finally have the resources to improve fast and maximize the potential of a team.

Since Shoota AI is driven by machine learning, the only preparation you need is a video of a soccer game. In addition, Shoota AI will cost its users nothing, making this technology available to everyone. Shoota AI will be fast, easy, and relevant. It’s time to level the playing field of professional soccer.

Project Infographics