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Chemical Accumulation in the Body

Many young people don’t really know what types of chemicals they are exposing themselves to, and overexposing the body to certain types of chemicals starting from a young age can lead to health issues in the future. This issue is especially important for young people who use social media to get inspiration for different cosmetics and other products that they put on their bodies. The big question I am trying to answer for my project this year is “How many different chemicals am I putting on my body?”. This study aims to benefit everyone as each one of us most likely use multiple products on a daily basis, but young people especially should use this study to get a perspective of what their lifestyle is currently like and what the result may be if that lifestyle continues. I started my project by sending out a survey to 60 different participants and I asked them what products that they used on a daily basis. After receiving their data, I found out that infants put about 50 different chemicals on their body, children put around 100, teenage females put around 700, teenage males put around 400, adults are 300 and seniors are about 100. Another thing I looked at was social media consumption. There was a small correlation, starting from four hours, as more time on social media was spent, the more products were being used everyday.

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