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Pollinator Pods

Bees are the most important pollinator in our ecosystem, playing a major role in the growth and production of both plants and crops. With bee populations decreasing, it is important that we understand the importance of bees and how to protect them. Without bees pollinating our crops and plants, our ecosystem and food supply would be disrupted. By completing this project, I will figure out patterns of where pollinators like to go to SF and what types of pollinators there are, so people can make informed decisions about what type of plants they should grow

For my project this year, I conducted an ecological survey of San Francisco where I observed different areas of the city and the types of plants that were in those areas. After surveying multiple parts of San Francisco, I can conclude that the eastern part of SF has the least amount of nature. The places with the most greenery would be the northern area of San Francisco. The most strategic places to place the pollinator pods would be Golden Gate Park, John McLaren Park and the Olympic Club. Along with the survey, I also created a prototype that represents a bee hive for solitary pollinators.

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