Kailin Kratz


I am a sophomore here at SHC in SF. I was born and raised in San Francisco-I am a city kid. I am very passionate about ballet-I am almost always at the studio! I do it about 20 hours a week, every week, at City Ballet School of San Francisco. It is a long commitment, but I love it. I have two younger brothers, who are more annoying than not (but I love them-sometimes). Along with the i2 program, I am involved in the Women’s Empowerment CCC Club and SHC CSF club here at SHC. My favorite subject in school is math- I love how organized it is, and I have so much fun figuring out the answers to tricky problems. I would love to get a job in ballet when I grow older-although it is a tough industry, it seems like an amazing job. I have had such a great experience at SHC so far. It’s an amazing school. I can’t wait to see where this year takes me! 


My 2021-22 i2 Project

This year, my i2 project is going to be centered around helping ballet schools around the world. Since I am a ballet dancer myself, I see how important ballet is to my well-being and self expression. I see that in many other dancers as well. This is why I have decided to create a new […] Read more

i2 Projects


In the modern world, it's hard to have discussions on what we believe. This is because we can't even agree on what is true. Bias is everywhere in our news, and this a big problem in the way of political discussions. Newsfacts is a platform for users to rate news outlets based on their political bias and reliability.

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Clothing 4 Claras

Clothing 4 Claras is a non-profit organization and donation-based service aimed at helping underprivileged dancers around the world.

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FSA is a non-profit that organizes monthly donations to foster children’s homes in San Francisco. Targeting SHCP, our goal is to shed light on children in need.

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