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Athletic Injury Recovery (A.I.R)

Athletic Injury Recovery is a conceptual design for an app that allows its users to identify injuries that may have occurred during physical activity. The app would be engineered to have the most accurate injury identification based on the sport the user plays and their position on the team. Once the user identifies their injury they will be provided with proven ways of healing the specific injury on their own or with a partner. Most of these methods will involve minimal to no equipment so the user will be able to recover on their own and at home. Along with identifying and recovering from the injury, the user will be able to track the progress of their injury. This means they will be able to see how far along they are to a full recovery. Lastly, a major feature is the user will be able to see the history of their injuries, meaning what injuries they have had in the past and if a current injury is possibly related to a past injury.