Keyon Tanksley


My name is Keyon Tanksley and I am currently a sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. A little background on me is that I am half African-American and half Chinese, I was born and raised in San Francisco, and I can understand Chinese but can’t speak it very well. My favorite subjects in school are science and math.

I first fell in love with STEM at a young age. When I was a kid I really enjoyed astronomy and wanted to become an aerospace engineer at NASA. But as time went by I began to pursue a path in Forensics to help save lives. This career choice was actually extremely influenced by Sacred Heart Cathedral when I participated in a Forensics summer program here at SHC.

Outside of school, I participate in track and field, archery, and S.F City-wide BSU. Before covid during my free time, I enjoyed volunteering at the Mid Peninsula Boys and Girls Club. A small accomplishment of mine is that I qualified and took part in the Junior Catholic Decathlon in the Science division. This was a competitive academic challenge against other catholic schools from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Now at school, I participate in track and field as a sprinter and hurdler. I really enjoy the team bond and community that playing sports brings. Everyone looks out for each other and encourages each other.

My last i2 project (2021-2022) was a group effort with two other i2 students named Brandon Holland and Rylan Gutierrez. Our project was to convert one of our normal bicycles into an electric-powered bicycle. We’ve compiled research on how to make it happen and then began our building process. The aim of our project was to learn about the mechanics and circuitry behind electric motors and engineering. We learned lots from this project and share them with others.


Progress on i2 project

My i2 project previously was to make a kit for converting a normal bike into an electric bike with i2 students Brandon Holland and Rylan Gutierrez. We realized this project may be too difficult and cost too much money so we decided to just convert one of our normal bikes into an electric bike. For […] Read more

The i2 Journey begins Begins

I feel really excited and lucky to be a part of i2 for the next 4 years. I am excited to create things I am passionate about and be able to collaborate with a wonderful group of students and teachers. I also look forward to meeting new people and making new friends within this group. […] Read more

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