Killian Hourihan



My name is Killian Hourihan. I am what those in the industry might refer to as a “nerd,” but do still partake in non-nerd activities.

The main way in which I derive my nerdiness is through my fascination with math and computer science. I’ve worked on a bunch of interesting projects, including a realistic ocean simulation, a procedural planet generator, and many more all of which can be found on my GitHub. Personally, I think the ocean simulation is the most fascinating and cool project I’ve worked on so far, but I’ve also been working on simulating sand dunes and doing image processing recently so that might change.

As for non-nerd activities, I do martial arts and breakdancing. The specific martial art I do is jiu-jitsu, which is essentially wrestling with more stuff, most importantly having submissions. I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu for around ten years at this point, and have gotten pretty good at it.


2023-24 Project

So, here’s the idea: essentially, I’ll be trying to evolve creatures to perform certain tasks like walking, jumping, or swimming. These creatures will be evolved in a 3d world with physics to hopefully produce creatures that move somewhat like those found in the real world. This idea was inspired by Karl Sims’ similar project, “Evolved […] Read more

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