Linh Chi Doan


My name is Linh Chi Doan and I am a freshman at SHC. High school has been a huge adjustment for me, but it has been an amazing and exciting experience. So far, I have joined Robotics, SLI, Badminton Club, AASU, Stress-Free, LVY, and Tea Club. SHC has become a second home to me since I have made so many friends and spent most of my time there. I love all my classes and even though there have been some rough patches, I still look forward to going to school a little more each day.

Aside from school, I also do club volleyball and have been playing for the past four years. I also love to cook and bake since it gives me a chance to be creative and also lets me spend time with my grandma. Most of my time is focused on volunteering at an afterschool program called YouthSF where kids learn about new activities, relating to STEM. As I navigate through high school, I hope to improve myself as a person and broaden my creativity.

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