Lucas Fung


Welcome to my i2 page! I am Lucas Fung and I am a freshman at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  I was raised in the Sunset district in San Francisco. I went to Holy Name School from Kindergarten through 8th grade and I was a part of many different activities there. I was a part of multiple different sports teams including baseball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I was also a part of a coding and engineering class throughout some of my years there. My favorite class in school is science or math. I am pretty knowledgeable in both of these topics and I enjoy doing them too. I started to like math when I was very young when my dad used to do it with me before school. He taught me it in such a fun way I learned to like it. I started to like science when I was watching videos in school and thought it was really interesting so I looked more into it. Outside of these subjects I am a very hard working student who tries to succeed in everything I do academically.

Outside of school I play baseball, volleyball, and I am a Boy Scout. I have been playing baseball for about a decade now and it is my favorite sport. I am a second baseman, third basemen, and a pitcher. I play for the San Francisco Seagulls down in San Bruno. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from my coaches there but I have also learned a lot of lessons on how to be a good person. I play volleyball for Slainte volleyball club. I started playing for them this season and they are teaching me a lot of new skills to help me improve. Lastly, I have been a Boy Scout since 6th grade and a Cub Scout before that in Troop 29. As a Boy Scout, I have learned many outdoor skills like how to make a fire, shelter, and I’ve even learned how to sail. More things I have learned are kayaking, rifle shooting, archery, and cooking. I have also learned many leadership skills through multiple leadership roles.

Other things I do is play video games or listen to music. Most of the time I do these things to get my mind off things like schoolwork and big tests. I also do these things when I’m stressed so I am distracted in my own little world. Doing these things always lightens up my day and always makes my mood better. I always have good times doing these things and I hope I never stop. I also really like hanging out with my friends. My friends make me so happy and every time I spend time with them the time just flies by. My friends help me through so much and I wouldn’t be the same person without them.

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