Luke Chommanard


My name is Luke Chommanard and I’m currently a sophomore at SHC. In addition to I2, I am on the wrestling team, as well as a part of Kapamilya CCC, Asian American Student Union (AASU), Campus Ministry, and am an Irish for a Day Ambassador in the Irish for a Day Program. Being in the SHC wrestling program has taught me valuable things about myself and about the importance of both teamwork and putting myself first. Along with that, I am a club leader for Kapamilya CCC, which teaches me valuable leadership skills, as I am working with both upperclassmen and my peers. This year, I joined both Campus Ministry and the Irish for a Day Program, which have both been extremely fun, interesting, and thought-provoking experiences. They, like Kapamilya, have allowed me to connect with a plethora of my peers, as well as some of the prospective incoming students.

Inside of school, my favorite subject is science, mainly because of all the various branches of science. Because of its diversity, science can accommodate many different interests, thus making it a subject of my own personal interest. Outside of school, I enjoy listening to music, playing video games, spending time with my friends, and hanging out with my family. These things allow me to take my mind off of the stress of school, and allow me to maintain a peaceful mindset.





My 2023-2024 i2 Project

This year, my partner, Lucas Fung, and I are planning on creating 3D printed air filters that resemble plants. It seems like every year we hear stories of wildfires ravaging through California, and how they continuously damage the air quality across the state. In large scale, highly-populated cities, it is extremely difficult to find the […] Read more


Project details


Project details