Luke Chommanard


My name is Luke Chommanard and I’m currently a freshman at SHC. I was born and raised in the peninsula, but ever since I was little I have seen San Francisco as a second home. I attribute my character and who I am today to my parents, who have worked effortlessly to set me up for success. Without them, I would not have been able to receive the necessary tools, both academically and in the real world.


I previously attended St. Catherine of Siena School, which is a catholic school in Burlingame. Everything I have learned came from the wonderful teachers and staff members there, and they have given me opportunities to showcase my abilities, some of which including being able to compete in the Burlingame Spelling Bee, essay contests, and math leagues. To be able to come from such a competitive yet nurturing and caring community has allowed for somewhat of an easy transition into high school.


Though I don’t necessarily have a favorite subject, science has always been a subject that has interested me, mainly because of all the different types of sciences there are. From marine biology to chemistry, science has an array of topics that can interest almost everyone, which is why I have been so drawn towards the subject. It can allow you to see the world in a different, broader perspective. 


Outside of school, I play basketball for Renegades. I’ve played basketball since I was 9, and the experiences I have had from playing have certainly made me a better person. Along with learning values like teamwork and communication, I have also learned the importance of a strong work ethic and being strong minded. Our head coach is the JV coach at Serra and one of our assistant coaches coaches at Capuchino. Both of these coaches know what it takes to play at a high level, so they put the team through that same work. In order to keep up, and in order to improve, you have to be willing to go the extra mile and you have to be willing to listen to criticism.

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