Madison Li


My name is Madison Li, and I am a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. I am passionate about coding, singing, cooking, and making art. As the i2 scholar, the program allows me to explore different passions and combine them into innovative projects. 

At SHC, I play flute in the concert band and alto saxophone in the jazz ensemble. I am the section leader, and I have been on the band leadership team since sophomore year. I believe that music can reduce stress and improve people’s well-being. I am also part of SHC Block Club, Sports Medicine Club, Lasallian Vincentian Youth, and California Scholarship Federation. 

Outside of school, I enjoy making origami, solving Rubik’s cubes, and playing with my cats in my free time. Archery and ice-skating are my favorite activities to spend time with family and friends.  

Besides music and technology, my interest in biology and chemistry continues to grow. I plan to pursue a medical degree in the future to impact lives positively through health care.



2021-2022 Project (2nd Blog Post)

Data collection with the finger on the sensor allows the Raspberry Pi to detect heartbeat and blood oxygen level through a computer. The information can be sent to the server but needs to be stored. The first problem I ran into was the complexity of connecting the heart rate sensor to the Raspberry Pi. The […] Read more

2021-2022 Project (1st Blog Post)

With my previous experience with Raspberry Pi, I would like to continue to explore the capability of the single-board machine to understand the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and apply the technology to the medical field. Due to the pandemic, our health system is under lots of stress. Health professionals were unable to […] Read more

i2 projects


“MadiCare” is the name of my project. My goal is to use Raspberry Pi auxiliary connectivity to the sensor to collect health information like heartbeat and blood oxygen level and send the data over the internet to a central system. Doctors can access patient's health data remotely, and provide a systematic analysis of patient's health status. It can benefit patients in monitoring their health and reduce the workload of healthcare professionals.

Project details

Raspberry Band

In my last year project, A.I. Picasso, I combined artificial intelligence and visual art. As a musician, I would like to explore the opportunity to integrate technology with music creation by making a Raspberry Pi-controlled copper pipe glockenspiel. The project combines a set of Python programs hosted in a Raspberry Pi that controls four sets of robotics “arms” that play music on a DIY glockenspiel. If you play a musical instrument, you can play along with this A.I. instrument to form a "Raspberry Band" at home.

Project details

AI Picasso

The project "A.I. Picasso" is a mechanical pen plotter controlled by an artificial intelligence program. The A.I. program can recognize human faces and convert the images into drawing instructions. The robotic arm then follows the instructions to draw out the sketches of the faces.

Project details