Matthew Simpson


I’m Matthew Simpson, a junior at SHC. Welcome to my i2 page!

Academically, I am most interested in STEM, especially science. Science has always been my favorite subject in school and is what I wish to study in college. More specifically, I am interested in chemistry and love my AP Chem class I am currently taking. At SHC I play the clarinet and tenor saxophone in the school’s concert and jazz band. I am also on our varsity soccer team and play club soccer outside of school too.

This year, my i2 project focuses on my interest in chemistry. I am creating a program which will allow the user to construct molecules and will display them. This program will help those learning chemistry visualize the important molecular geometries that the molecules they make have.


My 2021-22 Project: Molecular Geometry Simulation

10/21/2021 I am currently deciding what I will do for my project. This year, unlike past years where I was struggling to come up with ideas, I have many different ideas over a broad range of subjects. Some of my ideas this year include freezing certain substances (like CO2) out of the air, developing a […] Read more

i2 Projects

Molecular Geometry Simulation

Molecular geometries are the specific shapes that atoms arrange themselves in to form covalent molecules...

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Cat Communication

I have had pet cats for nearly my whole life. And, despite that, I still struggle to understand exactly what they want when they bother me...

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