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i2 Student Networking

Throughout my time in the i2 program, I’ve been asked to assist new members in their projects, but I haven’t always been the best mentor for their projects. To solve the problem of mentorship and assistance in projects, I’ve decided to accumulate basic data on each i2 member.

I will be asking each member about what type of work they enjoy most in their projects, if they like creating a project idea, building the idea, or refining the product. Also, they will be able to select which category they best fit: technical (analytical), managerial (organizational), entrepreneurial (fast-paced), or visionary (creative). Finally, students will be able to select task specialization which fit their skill sets best: artistic, coding/robotics, building, designing, or managing.

The overall goal of i2 networking is to create a database, or at least assemble data in a sheet, giving access to the entire i2 system, so that all members can find and contact people who are the best fit for their projects.

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