Matthew Spillane


I am Matthew Spillane, a student athlete here at SHC. I have been a part of the wrestling team since my freshman year, after I started wrestling at the beginning of quarantine (it’s a great way to stay active). Outside of school, my interests include wrestling, backpacking, Legos, and Star Wars. Of all the places I’ve backpacked, Yosemite is my favorite place, by far. In total, I’ve been on four trips inside of the park and an additional two outside of it. I grew up with Legos, and spent lots of time over quarantine re-building old sets. Aside from that, my favorite ice cream comes from Mitchell’s Ice Cream and I love dogs.

I was really excited to be accepted into the I2 program. I’m very interested in engineering and 3D printing. Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten multiple different 3D printers, slicer softwares, and I’ve tried out custom-modeling. For my first I2 project, I used 3D printing to make the steering set up which includes part of the steering column and the wheel. In my second project, I 3D printed prototypes for the internal support structure. This allowed me to optimize my design and continually make improvements. During my third project, I’ve chosen to focus more on a digital idea, networking, in order to help the other i2 students have more efficient projects.

Over the past several summers, I’ve focused on both attending camps and building things. Most of the camps I attend center around building things or exploring the field of STEM. I’ve learned how to work with leather and how to weld, two skills that I want to continue to explore. Additionally, I’ve worked with a neighbor to learn about construction, from fences to tiling.


Strengths test

In order to explore how we work in groups, and view our leadership talents overall, our i2 classes took the Meyers Briggs and a Strength Finders test. My result from the Meyers Briggs test was ISTP (Introverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting). Using information from 16Personalities, I can relate to having an individualistic mindset, as I […] Read more

i2 Projects

Electric Go Kart

We have decided to build an electric go kart. This hands-on, mechanical project is made to invite people into engineering through electric vehicular transportation. Throughout the project, we're learning about the future of transportation.

Project details

Cloud Chamber

A small form factor particle detector.

Project details

I2 Student Networking

A connective resource for project inspiration, development, and assistance.

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