My name is Matthew Wells. I am in ninth grade at SHC. I have been enjoying everything at school so far, and I joined the Cheese Club. I also plan on trying out for the track team later this school year. I started running track last year, and I really enjoyed it. I won first place in the 100m, 200m, and the long jump, and my team won second place in the relay. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite class or subject at school so far since I have enjoyed them all, but I have always enjoyed learning about any scientific subjects. I find it a very interesting and important topic to learn about.

Outside of school I enjoy playing video games, watching television and films, and building and collecting Lego. Some of my favorite movies are the Star Wars series and Terminator 2. I am a big Star Wars fan and have watched it for as long as I can remember so I collect a lot of Star Wars items. Most of my Lego collection is also Star Wars, and I have too many sets, so I’m not going to try and count them. One of my favorite sets is the Ultimate Collector’s Series The Razor Crest.

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