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Recharge Controller Project Proposal

ReCharge Controller

In this project, I plan to use less common solutions to renewable energy to charge a PlayStation 5 controller. Current solutions to charging the controller are not guaranteed to use renewable energy and tend to have many issues, including not charging. These solutions will work while the controller is used, so the user does not have to go out of their way to charge the controller. This also means that the controller can be in use for a longer time. The first method I will try to implement is known as electromagnetic induction. This process uses a magnet moved through a coil to generate electricity. Pressing a button on the controller will move the magnet through the coil. The second method is thermoelectric generators. This will generate electricity for the controller from the heat of the user’s hands, and the generators will be placed on the side and back of the controller, a common resting position for hands. I want to see if these methods are a viable solution to making renewable energy, so I will be testing these with the controller to find out if it can charge a small device. The key steps to my project are creating the systems, testing the systems with a multimeter, and finally testing them on the controller. If it works out, I will redesign the controller to account for these new components.

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