Niamh Fullerton


 Welcome to my i2 page! My name is Niamh Fullerton and I’m currently a junior here at SHC! 

    I was born and raised in San Fransisco, and I also visit my parents’ home in Donegal, Ireland, to see my family. Traveling there for summers with my two older brothers, has built a strong connection to my heritage and roots as a teenager of two immigrants. 

SHC has encouraged me to take academically challenging classes including AP, Honors, and Advanced Classes. While I have always enjoyed math, my AP Human Geography class is definitely my favorite. The engaging conversations have taught me so much about the developing world regarding the mark we as people have left. It has made me much more aware of world-wide situations and issues. Being apart of the SHC community, I have built some of my best relationships with great friends, teachers, and faculty. I am student-athlete participating in the Girl’s Lacrosse program. Playing on the Varsity team, I am thrilled to see our program growing so much with an amazing group of girls on both the JV and Varsity teams. This has taught me how to be both a reliable teammate and student. Being a member of the Women’s Sport Advocacy club at school has helped me learn the honor and responsibility that comes with being a female student-athlete.

Appreciating my connections and relationships, I have recognized my privilege which is why my partner and I have decided to create our i2 Project revolving around this. Our program, FSA, aims to inform people about the Foster Care System and what they are lacking. By collecting donations and creating informative infographics, we hope to raise awareness for this matter.

I intend to continue contributing to the i2 Program here at SHC, and use this unique experience to grow to reach my full potential.

i2 Projects


Instalogy is a website designed for SHCP students. Especially targeting freshmen as they are new to the school. It allows them to communicate with other students with common interests and goals.

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SHC Advisories

SHC Advisories is a podcast where we send out google forms through Schoology to the SHC student body, asking them questions or advice they might need. We then take these questions and create podcast segments answering topics and giving our advice.

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FSA is a non-profit that organizes monthly donations to foster children's homes in San Francisco. Targeting the SHCP community, our goal is to shed light on children in need.

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