Philip Marinov


My name is Philip Marinov, and I am currently a freshman. I love programming and building, specifically in the automation and robotics realms. I’ve been working with computers since I can remember, starting with Python and, over time, advancing to other languages such as Javascript, Golang, C, and Lua, whilst also tinkering with Raspberry PIs, and Arduinos to bridge the digital to the physical world.

In my first months of school, I joined the Robotics Club and Coding Club, hoping to continue growing my digital, electrical, and hardware engineering knowledge. I hope to join the school swim team in the coming years, as I have been swimming competitively for the past two years with clubs. Academically, I hope to pursue science and math subjects. In science, primarily subjects such as computer science, physics, biology, and chemistry, and in math, to continue learning about whatever gets thrown at me as I progress through the curriculum.

i2 Projects


A droid inspired by R2-D2 from Star Wars.

Project details