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Hi! My name is Olivia Dziadzia and I am a junior at SHC. This is my first year doing an i2 project, and I am excited to be a part of the program. My project is titled “Products4thebay”, and it is a project targeted towards addressing the lack of feminine hygiene products among unhoused individuals in San Francisco, specifically the Tenderloin area. The project aims to collect products and funds that will go towards feminine hygiene products that are then sorted through and distributed to organizations like St.Anthony’s, a social service organization located in the Tenderloin.
This year, I collected products through collection boxes located at the District 7 Youth Council and CYC (Community Youth Center) Offices in San Francisco. I spent around 5 weeks collecting products from collection sites. After sorting through the products, a group of student volunteers from the SHC community transported them to St.Anthony’s, where the organization gladly accepted the donation. Overall, I was able to collect over 250 products and reach 4 donation sites. I will continue expanding and growing my project into the summer and senior year!
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