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Project Escape: Doomsday

Today, many people spend their time looking down on their phones and/or on social media; anonymity making it difficult to recognize the impact of our everyday actions as we “hide” behind our screens. For example, trolling is the result of disinhibition to say something as a reflex, without taking the time to consider what effects that the action will have on others. With the lack of non-verbal cues, it is hard to read the body-language of someone who is behind a screen; without being able to look at a person when talking to them, they can always take it “the wrong way” and then it becomes a misunderstanding that should have never happened in the first place. People want to be respected and be able to share their opinions without negative backlash; when people are negative towards each other (whether it is accidental or not), it is hard to focus on the positive and move throughout life. This also has an effect on our health, the psychological effects lead to the physical effects that impact our everyday life.

My project aims to have groups of people interact in-person, to analyze whether it makes a difference when people are no longer “protected by the internet” and have to communicate and collaborate in-person, face-to-face. Without online disinhibition, I think that people will act differently because they have no choice: their anonymity is gone, there is no lag-time between responses (which therefore encourages thoughtful responses instead of impulsive responses), they will be able to read each other’s body language and how they react to certain situations (that I have created that will challenge their intellect, problem-solving capabilities, and communication ability.

Linked below are my observations and analysis of my results from the escape room trials as well as my research on the Study of Human Behavior: Sociology and Psychology

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The video below is one of the videos (besides the rules video) that the participants were shown before beginning the escape room. This video gives the participants a storyline that they will have to follow and make sense of using the props and clues in the room to escape in under 60 minutes.

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