Madison Lee


Hello, my name is Madison Lee, and I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. It is yet another year at SHCP, and I am excited to see what it brings. I have a passion for reading and analyzing many forms of literature, and I am pursuing this passion in my English 3,4 Honors course. I am not the best at public speaking, however, I am determined to try new things outside my “comfort zone” which currently includes participating more actively in class discussions. My enjoyment of reading and writing continues to inspires me to learn about the world around me and explore how my academic education is applicable to real life situations. Building off of my Advanced PreCalculus class in freshman year, I am now taking AP Calculus AB. Even though I am the only sophomore in this class, I am determined to work just as hard to achieve my goals and constantly challenge myself. I anticipate that I will struggle quite a bit, but if I push myself, ask questions, and work hard, I will excel in my math class. In addition to taking AP Calculus, I am also taking AP Psychology, my first elective that is not part of the curriculum guide. As I have said previously, I enjoy a challenge, especially when it is something I have never even attempted before; I think that it just makes me work even harder to master it. I am very excited to learn about this topic that I have been interested in for several years, even before I was at SHC. My mom majored in psychology, and I look forward to being in a class that brought her joy and taught her about how and why people act, think, and feel in certain situations. Some of my goals include having over a 4.0 GPA this year (since I wasn’t able to take any APs last year), and I think that with a lot of focus, effort, and determination, I will succeed.

In terms of science, I am excited to be taking Chemistry Honors as well as another year in the i2 program. As a freshman, I was very grateful to be selected for this prestigious program here at SHC, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn about how creativity can change the world, and how we can be a part of it. Last year, my i2 project was centered around communication and teamwork, and how to work together in a group to complete a task in an efficient manner. I built, tested, and analyzed an escape room that utilized time management, teamwork, communication, awareness, and problem solving skills. I believe that these concepts are very beneficial to being successful in real life, and taught the players the importance of collaboration. This productive mindset can lend many contributions to the ideas and discussions about the many “problems” in the world, and if we are to solve them, we must first master these abilities and concepts. We are not alone on this planet, and many of the world’s greatest accomplishments and discoveries have occurred when many people work together, listen to each other, and focus on thinking outside the box to generate new ideas. Speaking of i2, my sister, Morgan, has joined the program as a freshman this year, and I am excited to share in this experience with her. I believe that we are very fortunate to be given this opportunity to work together to cultivate each other’s interests and harness our strengths (possibly on our i2 project) for this upcoming year.

Outside of my classes, I am in the AASU (Asian American Student Union) and have recently been lifting with the Girls Basketball team to prepare for our season in the winter. I am excited to see what is in store for our team this upcoming year. Outside of school, I enjoy playing basketball with my league team and hanging out with my family. Basketball has always been a supportive environment. I learned that sometimes things look impossible at first, but with patience, it can become possible. The harder something is for me makes me work even harder to succeed at it (also AP Psychology). The concept of a team really resonates with me, as it is a family who is always there for each other. I always make time for my family because they are very important to me; I would not be where I am today without them. And I will work my hardest, to the best of my abilities, to be a team player and support my teammates and friends. This drove my passion to want to give back to my community and others around me. I enjoy volunteering at food banks, donating to those in need, and helping at animal shelters.

My parents have always taught me to be inquisitive, and asking questions helped me learn about the world around me. They also hoped I would become someone who is able to speak up for myself, yet listen to others and respect their opinions. These concepts have formed many of my own goals, and throughout my high school journey, and as a part of the i2 program, I hope to become someone who makes our world a better place.


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