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Project Glass: Seth Suarez

Project Glass

Project Glass is a device that resembles a pair of glasses. Hold on! That’s not the only thing that it does. These pair of glasses will pair with my personally designed app via Bluetooth which will allow a user to set “points” throughout the room. These points will tell the glasses where the user should be looking. Now, if the user looks away from the glasses for a set amount of time, the glasses will send the user an alert to a mini led-display within the lens, a laptop, their smartwatch, or even their phone. The glasses will also keep track of the number of alerts you receive, and it will send the administrator (whoever that may be) an alert of their own which will tell them that the student isn’t staying focused in the classroom. This will hopefully keep the student from getting easily distracted, be more involved in any discussions, and do better on tests, quizzes, and homework because they should know the material better.

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