Seth Suarez


Hi, my name is Seth Suarez. As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved to build things. As a little kid, I loved making huge lego contraptions, using robot kits, and even letting my creativity run wild by using Lincoln Logs and Playdough to try and make the tallest skyscraper my preschool has ever seen. These “toys” introduced me to a whole new world of technology, architecture, and even coding. As I transitioned into my elementary school career, I learned how to code in my favorite game at the time, Minecraft, from multiple summer camps, create a moving car out of Legos, and even learned how certain chemicals reacted to each other when I went through my “slime phase” with my cousin. My school also really helped to grow and nurture my enjoyment of technology and architecture. During our second-grade technology classes, for example, we learned how to code a robot to move along the ground through a simple Scratch program. I have to say that one of my favorite projects during my time at St. Paul’s was building a bridge only out of plastic straws and pins. I was really astonished as to how much weight you can fit on such a flimsy piece of plastic when you have a good design. So far, SHC has not failed to continue to support my academic and athletic endeavors by introducing me to I2, Coding/App Development club, the robotics club, and freshman football. I also like to continue with my other personal hobbies which are; playing AAU basketball (Mercado), mountain biking, graffiti-style art, music making/listening, and learning how to cook, create, code, and much more on my favorite website, Youtube! I hope that I can continue to learn and grow with the help of my teachers and peers as I end my freshman year and continue into my sophomore year.

i2 Projects

Project Glass

These are no ordinary pair of glasses. They are smart glasses! specifically trained to help keep students stay focused in the classroom by sending you an alert every time you aren't looking at the desired location.

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