Seth Suarez


Hello, my name is Seth Suarez. I grew up in San Francisco my entire life. I’ve grown to enjoy city life and culture despite its drawbacks. I enjoy sketching, drawing graffiti art, searching for up-and-coming musicians and artists, and creating beats. I think that my personality and hobbies have been affected drastically by the city’s lifestyle and its inhabitants.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved to build things. As a little kid, I loved making huge Lego contraptions, using robot kits, and even letting my creativity run wild by using Lincoln Logs and Playdough to try and make the tallest skyscraper my school has ever seen. These “toys” introduced me to a whole new world of technology, architecture, and even coding.

I grew up playing sports every single year with friends and classmates. I’ve played many sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, and most recently football. But, the sport that I’ve enjoyed playing the most is basketball. I have been able to make several friends and teammates playing AAU and CYO basketball. I enjoy competition and I like being able to beat other teams with the help and cooperation of my teammates. I think that playing basketball has taught me valuable lessons in teamwork and the ability to listen to others and accept criticism.

So far, SHC has not failed to continue to support my academic and athletic endeavors by introducing me to I2, the Coding/App Development club, the robotics club, and football. I would also like to continue with my other personal hobbies I hope that I can continue to learn and grow with the help of my teachers and peers as I continue to grow at SHCP.

i2 Projects

Project Glass

These are no ordinary pair of glasses. They are smart glasses! specifically trained to help keep students stay focused in the classroom by sending you an alert every time you aren't looking at the desired location.

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Simply Note

This project aims to assist individuals who need to extract text from images quickly and efficiently. Targeted at users across various fields such as education, business, and personal organization, the solution simplifies the process of converting image-based information into editable text. Through a user-friendly interface, users can upload images containing text, and the system utilizes the Google Cloud Vision API to perform optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the text. Once extracted, the app leverages ChatGPT for text summarization, providing users with concise summaries of the extracted content. This enables users to quickly grasp the key points and essential information from the extracted text. By seamlessly integrating text summarization with OCR capabilities, the project offers a comprehensive solution for converting visual information into actionable insights, thereby enhancing productivity and accessibility for individuals managing image-based content.

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