Rell Gentzler


Hello and welcome to my page! I’m Rell and a current sophomore and SHC.

In school, I enjoy taking classes centered around science, history, and especially computer science.

Out of school, I participate in Cross Country, Basketball, and Track and Field. Coming into SHC, I really wanted to play basketball and believed it to be the sport I enjoyed most. However, after trying Track and Field, I found that I really enjoyed running. I went on to medal in WCAL in T&F and made Varsity Cross Country and T&F in my sophomore year. In 2022-23 Cross Country Season, our team made it to the WCAL championships, CCS, however, failed to get to the state. Altogether, we had a great season. I am currently in my T&F season, and am very excited to see how it goes!

For my project freshman year (2021-22) I created a machine learning algorithm that rated waves (for surfing) based on one’s ability. With support, I learned python and created my algorithm. I then had to create parameters to define each type of wave, for example, considering a wave’s height, length, depth, and wind power, when all those elements combine, how does it effect the difficulty for surfing the wave? Using my own personal experience and general consensus, I applied these parameters to data I received from organizations like Surfrider and Weather.Gov. After sorting and “labeling” this data I fed it into my algorithm and trained it to be able to recognize different types of waves as well as give them difficulty ratings.

Overall, I really enjoy being in i2, as it has given me many opportunities, from learning how to code, gaining great insight from leaders, and making lots of long lasting relationships.


My 2021-2022 Project

My project, has become more intricate as I’ve continued working on it. I had to learn coding elements, find data, and sort data. I’ve just finished sorting and rating data and now it is time to create the program to train to read the data. I have learned a lot, and this project has inspired […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

When I was applying to SHC, part of my process was talking to people who went to the school. As I talked to these people I found that they all spoke highly of the i2 program.  Then I got in! I am every excited to work on a project, hopefully about either about neuroscience or […] Read more


Surfs Up

I created a machine learning program to predict and rate the surf in Pacifica.

Project details

The Watch App

I created an app that can be downloaded on an "android" or non-apple watch. This app will be used to communicate emergency and non-emergency signals when out on long runs or just away from accessible communication.

Project details