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Wave Energy Conversion: Phase 1 (WEC)

Powered by Waves: Phase 1 (P.B.W)

Powered by Waves: Phase 1 (P.B.W.) is a project that hopes to solve the problem of the environmental and economic issues that wave energy converters present. I will redesign a Point-absorber wave energy converter, which uses a buoy to capture the up-and-down motion of the waves and converts the energy from the waves to electricity. Current point-absorber wave energy converters pose problems to marine life due to the heavy construction required to implement the renewable energy machine. In addition, the electrical output does not justify the extremely expensive cost of the machine. Although there are many more problems, those are the two main ones that I hope to solve in this project. Phase 1 is creating a conceptual design that provides the necessary detail to set up phase 2, which is building a mini W.E.C. in my Junior year.

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