Silver Wiesler



My name is Silver Wiesler and I am a 9th grader here at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. I am a part of this years newest Inquiry and Innovation class and I am so exited about it. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California and I live with both of my parents and have two younger siblings. I have one sister and one brother.

Before coming to SHCP I started school at a school called Alvarado Elementary school, however I left that school and attended Marin Preparatory for 5th and 6th grade. Finally for 7th and 8th I went to San Francisco Friends School. I have many hobbies and interests including soccer, baking, dance, guitar, and hanging out with friends.

I love math and science and especially creating things. I am really exited for my project and I want to do something with technology. I enjoy coding and building and in eighth grade build a robot in my science class and programmed it to do different tasks that a mars rover would do like identify something’s color and pick it up if it was red. I am not sure what my first project is going to be but I have so many ideas and can’t wait to start working on it.

Here at SHCP I am hoping to play soccer in the winter. Currently, I am a part of the cross country team and I have joined many clubs. I am hoping to be on student council and can’t wait for my coming years as a part of this community and especially for everything we will be doing in i2!



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