Silver Wiesler



My name is Silver Wiesler and I am a 10th grader here at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. I am a part of this years Inquiry and Innovation class  of 2026 and I am so happy to have the privilege of participating in this incredible program.

I love math and science and especially creating things. I am really exited for my project and I want to do something with technology. I enjoy coding and building and in eighth grade build a robot in my science class and programmed it to do different tasks that a mars rover would do like identify something’s color and pick it up if it was red. Last year, for my project I conducted a study. I used a headset called the MUSE2 to read and record the data in a group of teenagers brains while they were reading something and then while they were watching TikTok. I recorded their EEG(Electroencephalography) and using that I analyzed the graphs and found what trends were common and uncommon, and figured out what they meant. To see more about my project you can click on the tab right below.

Currently, I am a part of the cross country team and participated in SHC Track & Field last spring season. I am a part of many clubs that the school offers including French Club, Cheese Club, Go Big Green and more.

I am so excited for this year with i2 and can’t wait to start my project!


i2 Projects

EEG Based Screen Time

Using EEG (Electroencephalography) to find trends in the adolescent brain that are related to screen time.

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