About The Project

EEG Based Screen Time

My project approach is to lead a study using the MUSE 2 Headset, which is a headset that can read your EEG(electroencephalogram). One of the main reasons I am basing my project off of EEG data is because in the future this will be commonly accessible data, as even today there are wireless headphone models that are beginning to record EEG successfully. Once I figure out which brain wave, or combination of brain waves have to most connection to attention span I want to create a code that will give a warning when the threshold is reached for attention. Once the activity hits a threshold indicating something like increased stress levels or anxiety, the tool will limit the social media app that is causing this. I am using software called MAX MSP as a prototype to input and output the MUSE data and produce a warning/block on the app. My final goal is to have software that can identify what each individual persons threshold is using AI/Machine Learning, and then determine when they need to be blocked/warned about their social media use. 

Project Infographics