Slava Shabelsky


Hi, my name is Slava Shabelsky and I have always had a passion for engineering, both as a hobby and a career. From a young age, I was fascinated by how things work and would often take apart old toys to examine their inner workings. I loved using the parts to make other things, like combining the insides of two RC cars to make a boat. Although not all of my projects were successful, the ones that were always left me feeling proud and accomplished.

I attended Stratford Middle School for nine years and have lived in San Francisco my entire life. In 8th grade, I received a 3D printer, and my projects took a turn for the better. I began designing boats and planes and simulating their movements in real life. Currently, I am designing an RC boat that is perfectly proportionate for its designed speed and hull design. I love the challenge of designing and building things from scratch, and the satisfaction of seeing my creations come to life.

In addition to my personal projects, I have also taken part in engineering camps and classes provided by my school. One of my proudest accomplishments was winning 3rd place in the Bay Area for “Future City,” a project that involved building a futuristic city on Mars. The experience taught me the importance of teamwork and collaboration in engineering, as well as the value of creativity and innovation in problem-solving.

When I’m not working on engineering projects, I enjoy playing lacrosse, fishing, and trying out new trails on my mountain bike. I believe that having a balance between work and play is important for staying motivated and inspired. I am excited to continue pursuing my passion for engineering and see where it takes me in the future.


Autonomous Car Snow Chains

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