Sloan Dobson


My name is Sloan Dobson and I am a Junior here at SHC. My main interests are volleyball, math, computer programming, physics, and anything of the STEM sort. All three of my older brothers also play volleyball and most of my interest stemmed from them. I played on the varsity volleyball team here at SHC the whole time I have been at SHC and I plan to continue. I also have played club volleyball since sixth grade. This past summer my team went to the Boys Junior Nationals in Salt Lake City as well as other tournaments around California. My interest in STEM has led me to take higher level courses at a younger age, such as AP Calc AB as a Freshman as well as AP Calc BC, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science as a Sophomore. I have done many coding projects as well, such as creating a neural network that can guess handwritten digits. 


2023-24 Project Idea

This year I am working with Rell Gentzler to create a robot that has the ability to reproduce itself. This idea came upon us because in biology class we were talking about the five criteria used to define life, and we wondered whether or not a robot could have these five criteria. One of these […] Read more

2021-2022 i2 Project

After many months of taking volleyball statistics for the varsity girl’s volleyball team, I have decided to create a handheld controller with many buttons to make taking stats quicker and easier. During the girl’s season, I used an iPad with the SoloStats app to take statistics, and although this app is generally easy to use, […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

This year, and for the next four years in i2, I am looking forward to creating. I am excited to be given a space to let my creativity flow and be able to make something I am passionate about. So far I have heard about all the different projects past students have done, and these […] Read more


Easy Stats

I created a device to take volleyball statistics quickly and easily.

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Everyone has a passion hidden within themselves — why not start uncovering it early? Unbeknown to many, hidden passions could potentially be life-changing, but what if one doesn’t have the chance or resources need for it to come into fruition?

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