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Easy Stats

Taking volleyball statistics is hard. First and foremost, what are volleyball statistics? Well, many different statistics in volleyball are tracked, such as aces, service errors, kills, hitting errors, the pass rating, and many more. After a season of taking stats for the girl’s varsity team here at SHC, I realized that keeping track of all these different things accurately in a short time span is difficult, and wondered if there was an easier way.

For my i2 project this year, I am designing, building, and programming a handheld controller with 24 different buttons that make taking volleyball statistics faster, more accurate, and easier. This controller will also include a small screen to display many different things, such as the statistics just taken, substitutions, player numbers, and more. I am using a raspberry pi pico microcontroller to run the stat taking program and store data, where it can be accessed by your computer after the game. With the Easy Stats controller, taking stats has never been easier.

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