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For our sophomore year project, Sebastian and I will continue to focus on the topic of homelessness in San Francisco. Additionally, we have added two new members to our team, Sanders Tillitt and Akio Tobin. Our project is an anonymous interview series focusing on people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco.

We will create a podcast with a six-episode season, where each episode focuses on the story of someone experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. The goal of our project this year is to better educate members of our SHC community and to dig into the many misconceptions that affect homeless people in their day-to-day lives.

We hope that through the sharing of personal stories, members of our school community will understand more about the details of the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

All of our interviews will be located on our SHC Homelessness Helpers website from freshman year. This year’s project will act as a culmination of multiple years of research which include interviews with leaders of San Francisco, and people who experience homelessness in San Francisco.

Our website can be found below:


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