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Train the Brain

After reading Dr. Kawashima’s book about brain training, I got invested in the topic. Through this book, I learned a lot about what’s effective, how it affects you, and whether this type of training is worth it. After doing some more external research, I ended up creating a website that showcases exercises like the ones Dr. Kawashima put in his book. The idea is that every day, you complete several simple math problems and that they would help develop more neurons and neural connections in your brain (which can improve memory, creativity, communication, and more).

In the original example shown in his book, Dr. Kawashima adds two worksheets for you to complete every day. This website is supposed to be a simpler, more organized, and more efficient version of that. It showcases the same type of problems, simple addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. The website is coded to store your previous times and scores based on the credentials you log in with. What I’m trying to accomplish through this website is to create an easier way to complete these exercises without a whole folder of paper.

The second part of this project is trying to prove whether this type of training works. I have started giving some of my classmates credentials to log in with, and they are testing out the website and the training method. The testing period I have set for them is two weeks long, so after two weeks, we’re looking for some type of improvement through their scores and times. By logging in with a username, I can see on logs who took how long, and what percentage they got correct. So far, nobody has finished their testing period, so I’m looking forward to seeing what results they provide.

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