Alexis Lo


Hi, my name is Alexis Lo, and I am a sophomore at SHC. 

Academically, my favorite subjects are math and world history. Something about math is the satisfaction of getting a problem right and knowing that you achieved something through that long process. The process of mental math and the process of figuring it out is one that I find very pleasurable, and it’s been one of my favorite subjects since around 5th grade. On the other hand, I enjoy world history because of how we learn about the different perspectives on historical events. History is fascinating to me, and knowing about world history while also knowing how to analyze history is a skill that I find very valuable. 

This year I am building from my classes last year to take 2 APs (AP Computer Science Principles and AP World History), 2 Honors (English 3,4H and Chemistry 1,2H), along with Church History, Mandarin 7,8, and Advanced Pre-Calculus. This year, I aim to not only do well in these classes but also explore programs outside of school to help me progress and prepare for the future. 

Outside of school, I currently take dance classes about four times a week. Since I was four years old, I have taken ballet classes at SFYBA.  Over the past year, ballet has become an 8-10 hours-a-week commitment.  Dancing has taught me several skills and life lessons that everyone should learn in their life, such as discipline and diligence. Starting so young, I realized that I wouldn’t go anywhere without hard work, which applies to everything in life. Academically, it takes hard work to succeed, and I know that I wouldn’t be in the position I am without my hard work up to today. 

Last year I created a website to simplify and digitize the brain test developed by Dr. Kawashima. I learned a lot from it, including a deeper understanding of python coding and the psychology of how this process develops the brain. 


i2 Project Update 2022: Train the Brain

My initial plan for this project was to create a code that simplifies the philosophy created by Dr. Kawashima; doing simple problems every day can help train your brain to build better communication and memory skills (among others). I also planned to test this website with a couple of candidates to prove whether this process […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

I’m very excited and grateful to be part of the i2 program for the next 4 years. I’m looking forward to all of the opportunities to work with people as interested in STEM as I am. Over the course of the summer, I’ve heard a lot about the i2 program, and what I’m getting into. […] Read more

i2 Projects

Train The Brain

The idea underlying the project is that every day, you complete several simple math problems and that they would help develop more neurons and neural connections in your brain (which can improve memory, creativity, communication, and more)

Project details


An precise attendance tracking system that replaces the slip system at our school. Through AppInventor I will create a prototype of this system and prepare to possibly test it on several classes. By scanning a student ID, a student can mark themselves as counseling, tardy, or present without having to go to the attendance office.

Project details