Alexis Lo


Hi, my name is Alexis Lo and I am a freshman here at SHC. I went to Alice Fong Yu for the past 9 years for elementary and middle school. During my 7th and 8th grade years, I had an engaging and interpretive science teacher that help give me an interest in STEM. He gave me a new perspective on science as a subject and is probably the biggest reason why I am in this program today. I decided to come to SHC because of how many good factors I had heard about the school that I found valuable and unique to the school. SHC has so many great things to offer, and those unique factors were the deciding factor that convinced me to come to the school. I’m excited to be part of such a selective program full of STEM prospects like i2. Being surrounded by all of these amazing and smart students has inspired me to become a better scholar.

Academically, my favorite subjects are math and world history. Something I like about math is the satisfaction of getting a problem right, and going knowing that you achieved something going through that long process. I enjoy world history because of how we learn about the different perspectives on historical events.

At SHC I am enrolled in String Ensemble, and I am playing the piano.  We had the opportunity to play for many different occasions and other events in and outside of school. I’m excited to play with all of these talented musicians and continue my musical journey in this class. Playing the piano is something that I started around 2016, and I’ve continued to take lessons for it. It’s something that I find very therapeutic and enjoyable.

Outside of school, I enjoy dancing and playing the piano. Since I was 4 years old, I have been taking ballet classes at SFYBA.  Over the past year, ballet has become an 8-10 hours a week commitment.  To further my dance journey, I have attended a summer intensive program at the Joffrey Ballet last summer in Los Angeles.  After a two-year hiatus from the pandemic,  I got to perform in the Nutcracker again on stage this past Christmas, where I danced the Merliton, Waltz of Flowers, and Snow.  I know that SHC has many different dance programs, and I hope to join one to continue my dance experience. 

This year my project is to create a code that simplifies the brain test created by Dr. Kawashima. I will then take that website and test it with several candidates and see if the website can help train your brain.


My 2021-22 Project

My initial plan for this project was to create a code that simplifies the philosophy created by Dr. Kawashima; doing simple problems every day can help train your brain to build better communication and memory skills (among others). I also planned to test this website with a couple of candidates to prove whether this process […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

I’m very excited and grateful to be part of the i2 program for the next 4 years. I’m looking forward to all of the opportunities to work with people as interested in STEM as I am. Over the course of the summer, I’ve heard a lot about the i2 program, and what I’m getting into. […] Read more

i2 Projects

Train The Brain

The idea underlying the project is that every day, you complete several simple math problems and that they would help develop more neurons and neural connections in your brain (which can improve memory, creativity, communication, and more)

Project details